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We Are All Gods Children

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  1. If we are really interested in the fact that we are children of God, we will live in ways that befit a child of God, in ways that befit one who seeks to be an heir to all that his Father has in store for those who keep their second estate.
  2. We're all God's children G7 C We're all God's children F C G7 C Why can't we be one big happy family F You like the day and I like the night C G7 C She's into country and he's isn't quite F There's folks on the left and the far right C G7 C But that doesn't mean that we have to fight Repeat #2 F.
  3. Instead of being born as God’s children, we are born in sin, which separates us from God and aligns us with Satan as God’s enemy (James ; 1 John ). Jesus said, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not .
  4. If everyone was a child of God from birth then neither the sacrifice of Christ nor adoption by God would be necessary. The truth is that only those who have been born again, born of the Spirit by believing in Jesus Christ, are the children of God. Only those who can call Jesus Lord and Savior can call God "Abba Father" (Galatians –7).
  5. We are all God's children We are all the same He is calling us by name to help the poor and lame And learn what life is really for It's to know and love and serve the Lord It's to know and love and serve the Lord It's to know and love and serve the Lord Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Jamie .
  6. Jul 20,  · John Apart from Jesus we cannot be God’s children but when we accept Jesus we are automatically adopted into Gods family. and we are heirs of his promises and we can look forward to eterneal life with God. Jesus existed with The Father from the very begiining, He is the only person that died and rose again conquering death and dying.
  7. We are not all God’s children. We are all God’s creation (Colossians ), but being God’s creation does not mean we all belong to God, nor are all of us a part of God’s “family.”.
  8. The rest of us, in order to become one of God's children, must be adopted – in, by and through – the One Who is the Son: Jesus Christ. Those who are not adopted are not children of God. Christ and Christ alone is "the way, the truth and the life." Get The Christian Post newsletter in your inbox.
  9. Children by Creation. In a broader framework of reference, however, all human beings are viewed as belonging to God. Consider the following. First, God is the “father” of all by virtue of the fact that he is the Creator of the human family. Humanity was fashioned in his very image (Genesis ), and he exercises sovereignty over all.

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